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How Do I Restore the Photos Library, Etc?

After the most recent automatic update I discovered that Photos was changed – much to my dislike. I the left hand tool bar at the very top there used to be 5-6 categories: Library, Imports, Recently deleted, etc. That has disappeared completely. How do I restore this?

I take lots of wildlife photos and therefore have lots of deleted photos, so I really need these features. And, to be able to permanently delete the ‘recently deleted’ photos.
Phyllis Weintraub

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    3 years ago

    Do you still see the left sidebar? If so, is there the heading "Photos" at the top? If so, move your pointer over Photos and you'll see a little reveal button to the right. Looks like a >. Click that to reveal the items under Photos.

    Another possibility is that you simply resized your Photos window to make it too small to display the left sidebar. Try stretching the window to make it larger. Or, if you are in Full Screen mode and your screen resolution is set to something too large, go to the View menu and choose Always Show Toolbar and Sidebar in Full Screen.

    Phyllis Weintraub
    3 years ago

    Thank you so much - it works perfectly!

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