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How Do I Save an MS Office Document To Two Folders Simultaneously?

I’m using Word and Excel in Office for Mac, with OS 13.6. I update certain documents periodically and file them in chronological order in sub-folders of various main folders. Of course, I understand my own filing system but my family might not if they needed to access the data in emergency.

I would like to file the updated documents, not only in their usual folders but simultaneously in one “Emergency Folder”, easily accessible to see the latest files’ versions. On adding an updated document to that folder I would manually delete the previous versions, but only from the Emergency Folder. In this way, copies of all the latest essential data files would be in one place, easily found.

Thanks for any ideas!
Robin Oram

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    2 years ago

    The way to do this is not to create a copy of the file, but to use a Smart Folder and tags (keywords). Add a tag to all of the files you want to include. Make it “Emergency” or something like that. Then create a Smart Folder that shows all of the files with the tag “Emergency.” When you want to add a new file to it, you just leave that file where it should be, but also tag it Emergency.

    See How To Use Tags To Organize Your Files .

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