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How Do I Screen Share With a Mac That Is Not On the Same Network?

Is it possible to screen share with someone who is not on the same network?

I am going to send a new MB Air to a nephew, and I would like help him get started. He is several states away.
Robert Williams

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    2 months ago

    Yes, it is possible. It is difficult to set up because not only are you on different networks, but the other person is likely not connected directly to the Internet, but through their own local network (cable modem, DSL modem, router, etc). You can't just find your nephew's computer on the Internet, because he is actually on his local network at home, and that network is then on the Internet. So two layers deep.

    But a simple way around this is to use Messages. If you can message him through iMessage in the Messages app and he can respond on his Mac, then you can go to the Conversation menu in the Messages app and choose Ask To Share Screen. If that works, it simplifies everything and you can do it without needing to set up anything else.

    However, there is a lot that can get in the way of that. If either of you has VPN software set up on your Macs or networks, that may break it. Or if there is something else like privacy or security things on either network, then that may stop you. Also lots of settings on both ends that could have been changed at some point. But try it and see.

    Otherwise, you may have to look into special "Remote Desktop Software" to get it done. Or at least have an expert take a firsthand look at your settings and situation to see what is getting in the way.

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