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How Do I Search Calendars In macOS Sierra?

Calendar search on my iMac (OS Sierra) does not find entries more than about two years old. This seems a common complaint. Is it an Apple thing or is there a simple fix please?
Michael Paul

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    3 years ago

    This most likely depends on which Calendar server you are using. The Calendar app in Sierra can access calendars in different systems, such as iCloud, Google, Yahoo, corporate, etc. Calendars are cloud services, so they exist online, though you can still create local calendars stored on your hard drive if you wish.
    I haven’t tested the different services for search capabilities, but I’ll bet they are all a little different.
    Have you tried searching online, using the web-based interfaces for iCloud, Google, etc? That may get you what you need for a one-time search for something.
    If this is something you need more often, you may have to experiment with different calendar systems and calendar apps other than what you are using now.

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