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How Do I Search for All Files With a Red Tag?

If I tag a file and give it “Red” Tag, Is there any way that i can search for any files with a red tag ?
Ron P

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    2 years ago

    Many ways. First, you can just do a normal search. In the Finder, go to the area you want to search, like your Home folder or Documents folder. Then use Command+F. Then change the search criteria from Kind is Any to Tags is Red. You'll probably need to click Kind and then select Other and search for Tags.

    A quicker way to do is is just Command+F and then type "tag:Red" as the search.

    But you can do it even without searching at all. In the Finder sidebar, look for Tags near the bottom. Click the disclosure triangle (>) to the right of it if it is not expanded. Then click the Red tag there. This shows you, basically, a Smart Folder with everything tagged "Red."

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