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How Do I Select Multiple Keynote Slides for Deletion On iPad?

I have very large Keynote file (1.42 GB, 2200+ slides). It’s so big, my Mac can no longer open it. Fortunately, I can still open it on my iPad Pro. I’ve duplicated it on my iPad with the intent of making Parts 1&2 by deleting opposite halves of the presentation in each duplicate file. But it seems I can only select multiple slides one at a time, which is going to be quite time consuming to select about a thousand slides for deletion, and then doing it again in the second file.

In Keynote for Mac, I can use the shift key to select the first and last slides in a series to quickly delete large groups of them at once. Is there a way to do this on iPad? Will I need to get a bluetooth keyboard perhaps?

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    4 years ago

    I tried it using a keyboard and you can't use Shift to select a range. However, you can Shift+down arrow to extend the selection, so you can select a large range of slides fairly quickly. Do you have a wireless keyboard you can use, like from a Mac, to do it? All it would take is a $10 bluetooth keyboard then. You don't need an expensive keyboard case or anything like that.

    I wonder if there is another option. Is the Keynote presentation that size because of one or two videos? Maybe just delete those videos using your iPad. Then open on your Mac and divide before adding the videos back. Or leave the videos out, or replace them with optimized versions.

    Do you think it is a memory issue preventing you from opening it on your Mac? Can you open it if you quit all other apps, restart your Mac, and just immediately go to Keynote before anything else? If so, then you can access File, Reduce File Size and see if that helps. Or, maybe you can do that on another Mac you have available or could get in front of for a few minutes?

    4 years ago

    There no large videos, just very, very many small ones, so it would be just as time consuming to deal with those as to select slides one at a time.

    I suspect it might be a memory issue. I do have 8 GB. But I can open other Keynote files without issue. It's just this one large file that gives me trouble.

    I have gone ahead and ordered a bluetooth keyboard, as you suggested. The Shift+down arrow option sounds acceptable to me.

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