10 Ways To Select Multiple Files On Your Mac

You can use a variety of different techniques to select multiple files in the Finder. You can use the Command or Shift keys to select files or ranges of files. You can also drag to select and use the keyboard in various ways.

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    1 year ago

    This lesson also renewed my interest in TAGS. I did not know the Control + 1 trick, very handy. I tried it out and nothing happened! Then I tried with 2 then 3 all the way to 7 and they all worked only ctl + 1. I then tried this on an older mac and all 1 to 7 worked. I am assuming that Control + 1 has been assigned on my Newer Mac. Is there a way to find out if that is indeed the case?

    Also I am curious where you found out about Ctl + 1. So far google has disappointed!

    1 year ago

    Frank: Yes, it sounds like maybe you have something else assigned to it or another app or extension using it. You'll just need to look through everything or observe what it does in different situations.

    Bill George
    1 year ago

    For some reason I have a lot of duplicate files that end with a 2 then the extension (ex: 2.psd). When I try to search for all files in a particular folder named 2.psd—which I know I have many duplicates ending with that— it won't show those files in the folder only on This Mac. What is going on?

    1 year ago

    Bill: search for name:2.psd
    If that doesn’t work do other searches work?

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