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How Do I Send a Photo Album To a Number Of Mac & Windows Friends?

I’m looking for the easiest and quickest way to allow both Mac-user and Windows-user friends to view some of my photo albums. I’m 80 (and maybe a bit slow?!), I’ve been a Mac user for many years, but ever since Apple got rid of the old system where you could set up a photos website for everyone to access photos, I just haven’t bothered. It’s impractical to send large numbers of photos by email. Your advice would be much appreciated.
Peter Jamieson

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    2 years ago

    You can easily do this with an iCloud Photo Gallery. This simply puts some photos in an album on iCloud and they can be viewed on the web with any device. They don’t need a Mac, or Apple device, or even an iCloud account.

    I did a tutorial on this here: Creating Quick Online Photo Galleries.

    Peter Jamieson
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much, Gary. My “mistake” was not clicking the Public viewing button.
    I really enjoy your weekly newsletters, and tell all my Mac friends just how useful they are. Again, many thanks fo your help.

    2 years ago

    With a shared album in iCloud, can I delete the original album and just keep the shared album? I have multiple albums (original and shared) but too scared to delete the original album in case it deletes all the photos in the shared as well.

    2 years ago

    Caroline: I’m not sure, as I’ve never deleted a photo. Well, at least if something is important enough to share, then it is way over the bar being important enough to keep, you know what I mean?
    But why not try it. Take a few throw-away photos. Share them. Delete them from your library. See what happens and report back. I’d try it myself but you may not want to wait until I get a chance.

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