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How Do I Send Random Messages To Myself?

I have a Quotes.numbers which contains hundreds of my favorite quotes. I would like to use to send one of these random quotes to myself via my iMessage address at 6AM everyday. I have no idea about how to write AppleScript. How should I do?

Thank you guys a lot.

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    7 years ago

    This is a tough one. I assume you mean that you don't know how to program, which makes doing this in Automator/AppleScript a no-go for you. So then the easiest path is to find an app that already does this instead of building it yourself.
    You don't need to use iMessage though, which implies that you are sending a message via Apple's iMessage system or the SMS system. There's no reason to have your message go all the way out onto the Internet just to have it come back to where it started. Instead, you should just have an app that shows you a notification on your screen. You can already do that in Calendar and in Reminders. In both apps you can easily schedule notifications for any time that say anything. They would even show up on your iPhone as well as your Mac. But you'd need to schedule each one manually. There's no function in them to grab a random one from a list.
    What you could do is to schedule a daily event in Calendar to run a script that grabs a random one and shows it as an alert. But since you are not a programmer, you'd need to hire someone to do that for you. It would be more than just a couple of lines since it needs to read a database, grab one at random, and send that message.
    You don't specify how important this is to you, so I don't know if hiring someone to do it is a possibility.
    If there were a Mac App that already did this, then you could buy that. I looked quickly and didn't see one, but you may want to look more closely. Same for iPhone apps. Another possibility may be an online service that sends SMS out, but that would likely be expensive.

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