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How Do I Set the Screen Capture Location With Terminal?

A couple years ago I set up a screen capture folder on my powerbook based on the video “Setting Screenshot File Location (#1347)”. I just got a new iMac and would like to do the same set up. Do I need to rewrite the terminal code or is there a location on my powerbook where I can copy that terminal code (or file) and past (or move) it to my iMac?

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    5 years ago

    You don't need to use a Terminal script for that anymore. macOS Mojave introduced a way to do it right in the screen capture process. Assuming you haven't customized your shortcuts, you can use Command+Shift+5 to bring up the full-featured screen capture process. You'll see a toolbar appear toward the bottom of the screen. Click the Options button and you can customize how you take screenshots and video captures of your screen, including the save location.

    Once you change the location, you don't need to always use Command+Shift+5, you can go back to Command+Shift+3 or 4 and it will obey the new settings.

    See Mojave Screen Capture Options for a tutorial.

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