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How Do I Share and Fully Access Files With Another Account Holder?

I share a Mac mini with my wife. I have the administrator account, my wife has a standard account. In my Documents folder, I have a folder containing subfolders on subjects of mutual interest: finances, insurances, home maintenance, car, medical matters etc., but my wife also has folders relating to some of these subjects in her account which she mainly deals with. Ideally, we should both be able to access all the files in these folders and deal with them as necessary without having to swap accounts using our passwords or changing permissions in Shared folders in the Public folder. I have watched several of your videos on shared accounts and read Apple Support information on them, but am none the wiser. Could you please suggest the easiest and least complicated way to achieve this.

I want to sort out and declutter my Documents folder for a start and generally reorganise the way I have allocated files by subjects. Both my wife and myself have suffered various accidents and illnesses recently. We’ve had to buy a new car after our old one was in an accident. We have been having work done on our house. There has been a lot of form-filling, correspondence and emailing which we have shared. We have been losing track of where documents are. I am trying to devise a simple system to manage all this using all the resources that our Apple Mac can provide while at the same time involving my wife and giving her access to all the relevant information. She has only a rudimentary knowledge of how the computer works and is any case a bit of a technophobe. So put simply, we need one folder containing all the subfolders covering finances, car, insurances, home maintenance, utility bills etc. in one place, easily accessible, where the files within them can be opened, copied and edited by both of us from either of our accounts.
David Girling

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    1 year ago

    One way is to simply use iCloud Drive for this. If you put that folder in iCloud Drive, then you can share it over iCloud with her and you'll both see the same folder. Plus, you'd see it on all of your devices (other Macs, iPhones, iPads).

    The other way is to put them in that Shared folder in the user folder above your two Home folders. Then you should both be able to access them. I don't like this method as you can't then see those on your other devices via iCloud.

    Plus, with iCloud Drive, if you one day have separate Macs there is nothing to do. You'll both have the same access to the same folder.

    Renee Reichert
    7 months ago

    I would like to share a large video file through icloud with PC users. I will be sending this from a mac. Will PC users be able to access these?

    7 months ago

    Renee: They should be, yes. But if you just want them to view the video then consider using a service that is specifically for videos, like YouTube.

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