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How Do I Show One Value While Using a Second Value

In Mac Numbers. I want to use the value of a cell but I want it to show a different value if it goes below “1”

Nathan B

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    2 years ago

    Is the cell the result of a calculation? If so, then you can use an IF function for that. For instance, if the cell is the result of A1+B1 then you could do IF(A1+B1<1, "ABC", A1+B1) so any value greater than 1 is shown, otherwise the text "ABC."

    If not, another way to do it would be to keep the real value in a cell and put the "result" in another cell. So if D30 holds the value, then E30 could be IF(D30<1, "ABC", D30). Then maybe make E30 bold or with a border or background color to highlight it as your result.

    Nathan B
    2 years ago

    I used column A as the display column and column B as actual results then hide column B.

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