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How Do I Show the Length Of a Document In Pages?

MS Word documents show the length (number of pages) as well as the document’s location at the bottom of a word document. Is there a way of displaying that in a pages document (e. g. “Page 3 of 27 pages.”

Thank you.

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    3 years ago

    You have two things you can use. First, you can turn on the counter by going to the View menu and looking for "Show X Count" where X could be words, pages, etc. Whichever it is, when you turn it on, you'll see the counter at the bottom and can click it to switch what it is counting.

    To see your position in the document, you would simply turn on the left sidebar and set it to Page Thumbnails. Then house the page number next to the current page and can also use that to navigate.

    You can also just create a footer for the document. That will display things like "Page 3 of 27" at the bottom of each page. See

    3 years ago

    Thanks so much for such a thorough answer.

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