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How Do I Shut Off Autosave On Numbers And/Or Pages On iMac M3 Sonoma?

Just purchased a M3 Imac with Sonoma. Trying to avoid purchasing MS excel for Mac that was on my previous IMac. How do you shut off auto save in numbers and/or pages as I do a lot of “what ifs” and may want to go back to my original document when I am done.

Want to make sure my original document does not change while I am doing modifications to my open document. I may not want to keep (“what if’s”) these changes.
Dennis Szywala

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    2 months ago

    System Settings, Desktop & Dock, "Ask to keep changes when closing documents."
    But keep in mind you can always use two other techniques:
    1. Use undo to undo your "what if" changes back to your original.
    2. Use File, Revert To, Last Saved.
    3. Use File, Duplicate to create a new document from the current one to test out ideas.
    All of these are better than relying on yourself to remember to not save. Even with auto save off, you can still accidentally save when closing. You can also hit Command+s out of habit. But can be undone with the File, Revert To menu.
    You should always remember to Command+s before trying a "what if" so you have a saved version at that point to go back to. Then I would use File, Revert To, Last Saved and NOT closing the file, not saving, and opening it again. That process just seems like there are a lot of points where human error can mess things up.
    Also, make sure your Time Machine backup is working and backing up hourly as then even with human error you can still get back to the previous saved version from an hour ago.

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