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How Do I Skip Sundays In a Date Function In Numbers?

I want to provide a list of dates of appointments to patients from their first date of meeting, like if 1st visit is 10th jan 20 than after 16 days visit will fall on sunday , how to set it to monday using iferror function ?

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    4 years ago

    So the idea is you type in a date, like January 10, and then it automatically shows a second date that is 16 days later, but 17 days later if that second date is a Sunday.

    You would use the IF function to figure that out and return a different result depending on the condition.

    If B2 contained the original date, then B2+16 would be the second date. You can use the WEEKDAY function to get the day of the week, with a value of 1 being a Sunday. So test that in the IF statement and if it is Sunday, then return the original date + 17, otherwise, return the original date + 16.


    4 years ago

    hello there, it was very helpful for my task. thank you very much for a prompt reply. :)

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