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How Do I Split Individual Cells To Either Rows or Columns?

How do I split individual cells to either rows or columns in Numbers 5? I know that it was previously possible in Numbers ’09 . See Screenshot:

Is there a way to do this kind of thing using AppleScript in the current version of Numbers? This is very useful in certain occasions.
Myles Russell

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    1 year ago

    You can definitely manipulate text in AppleScript or JXA in Numbers. But it takes some coding know-how. You may be able to find some starting points if you search online.

    But it may not take all that much effort. It depends on what you are dealing with. Numbers now has great options to import text into a table. See MacMostNumbers Text Import Options. So if have a situation with a whole table full of data in a single cell, or perhaps you imported it wrong the first time, you can always copy and paste the data into a TextEdit text document, save it, and then import it into Numbers.

    For other things, like a list of cells with first and last names combined, you may be able to use formulas to divide the text into two columns. But without specifics it is hard for me to advise further.

    Myles Russell
    1 year ago

    Hi Gary, If you can see in older versions of iWork, there was an action that allowed you to split a single cell into either a row or a column as seen in the screenshot in on the first post. This makes it easier if you just want that particular cell to have another row under it or a column beside it. Currently, I just merge the adjacent cells one by one to get the same result which is very time consuming. I was hoping an AppleScript would help solve this for me.

    Myles Russell
    1 year ago

    Also, I took some screenshots to explain what I wanted to do better:

    Split into Columns:

    Split into Rows:

    1 year ago

    Myles: I don’t remember that function in old iWork. I wonder how it treated the cells, like if you split cell D7 what were the two halves called? As for you examples, why not just create a new column called “Notes” as it would do the same thing, right? You could always change the border styles on the cells to make it look the same as your old screen.

    Myles Russell
    12 months ago

    Hi Gary,

    I got hold of an old version of Numbers from a friend and I quickly did a screen recording of the feature. This feature could be useful in larger spreadsheets.

    Thanks again

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