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How Do I Start Numbering Later In a Document?

Hi, working with Pages 7.3 – have viewed videos on pages/sections and facing pages. I have created 5 sections (empty at this stage), the first 4 are for the book title etc and now I want to start the story and page numbering on page 5. From your previous instructions I expected that to work but the numbering still wants to start at 5 !! I tried making the first 4 as pages and then a section for 5 but that did not work either.


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    3 weeks ago

    So you have seen my video on this and it still isn’t working? (

    Make sure you look at the Document sidebar, Section, and look for “Start at” under Page Numbering. Set that to 1.

    2 weeks ago

    Hi, many thanks for the reply but I am still not having any success – the page numbering is ‘greyed out’ no matter what I try to do.

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