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How Do I Sync Mail Between My iPhone and iMac?

My iPad and iPhone mail work together well for b I got the same. But somewhere way back when…. when I first set up my phone I remember not wanting my phone mail and my iMac not wanting to be in sync. Times have changed and I would like all of them to be the same. I can for the life of me find how to change that, any ideas what I did wrong or how I can fix that?

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    7 years ago

    Like with most things that deal with email, it really depends on your email server. If you are using a modern email system, like iCloud, Gmail or any IMAP system, then everything should automatically be in sync. You are essentially "viewing" your email on all of your devices, not "receiving" it. That's how it should be.

    But if you are using an older system, that uses POP email, then when one device gets a message, it is removed from the server and the other devices never see it. POP was built for just having one computer, not multiple devices like we have today.

    If your email system can use both POP and IMAP, then switch to IMAP for all devices and you should be set moving forward. Also, if you are still using your ISP's email system, you should consider moving away from that. See

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