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How Do I Transfer iPhone Video To My Mac?

I am new to Macs, but not to iPhones. I was always able to transfer video that I shot on my iPhone to the My Pictures files on a PC, but now, although all my jpeg photos transfer easily, I cannot figure out how to get the video files on my Mac so I can watch them or make them available to others. I appreciate all the advice you have given in the past and also your very helpful website and video guides. Thanks for any advice!
K. McEwen

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    11 years ago

    There are a few ways to do it. Here are two.
    Use iPhoto on your Mac to get the photos from your iPhone (and other cameras too). It will also import the video you take and add them to your iPhoto library.
    Alternatively, you can use the Image Capture app on your Mac to select a single photo or video and copy that file from your iPhone to your Mac.
    For either of these you'll need to connect your iPhone to your Mac with the USB cable.

      11 years ago

      Gary once you have the video in iphoto, can you export it into imovie for editing.

        11 years ago

        Yes, sure. But you don't need to "export" it. You can just select the video in iPhoto and then use File, Reveal In Finder to get to the original file. Drag and drop that or File, Import that into iMovie.

      Peggy Seeling
      11 years ago

      I took several photos and videos from my iphone yesterday. All of my photos streamed to my mac, but not my videos.

        11 years ago

        Sounds like you are using Photo Stream. That would put your new photos in the cloud and you would see them on your Mac in iPhoto. But it doesn't do this for videos because they are much much larger files. It is only for photos.
        To get your videos to your Mac, you need to sync and transfer them to iPhoto like you would with any digital camera or how you did it with your iPhone before Photo Stream.

    11 years ago

    you can transfer videos bought on the ios device or recored device if synced from a computer you can't back sync them to avoid people using ios devices to transfering pirate material

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