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How Do I Type a Quotation Mark?

I’m trying to type a quotation mark, “, but it keeps coming up as a small << symbol. I'm using the Canada (English) keyboard on my iPad Air 4. Any idea why this is happening? Either to type a quotation mark, or to use the quotation mark as an inches symbol. ----- Mike

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    2 years ago

    First, you probably want to avoid using the quote symbol as inches in Numbers. Just use the number. Put a header label that reflects the unit type like "Length (Inches)" if you like. Or, if you know how to use custom formatting you can do that to put the " there automatically. The problem is that if you fill a cell with something like 17" then it is text, not a number, and you can't perform calculations with it like you can with just 17.

    But to answer your question of how to type a " when using an iPad keyboard that used « and » as quotation marks. You just tap and hold the " key and variations will pop up. One of those variations is ".

    Mike Guilbault
    2 years ago

    Thank you! That explains a lot.

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