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How Do I Unjunk Email?

I get wanted email going to the junk file. How do I get them to go to my inbox?

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    2 years ago

    I assume you mean in the Mail app on macOS, correct? If this is an email that you manually moved from your inbox to the Junk mail folder on your Mac, then simply go to the Junk mail folder and move that email back to the Inbox.

    If this is an email that was automatically placed in the Junk mail folder, you could do the same thing. Or, there usually is a “Mail thinks this message is Junk Mail” alert at the top of the message when you view it with a “Not Junk” button. Click that button. But that only appears if the message was moved there by the Mail app, and not by your server. If it was placed there by the server, as it should be (server filters and much much better than local app filters) then simply drag the message from Junk to Inbox.

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