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How Do I Use Photos On My iMac ?

I want to get most of my photos off my phone, IPad and the cloud and have a copy only my computer. It seems as if I delete them from the phone or IPad they reappear unless I also delete them from the cloud. Is there an easier way to clean up my photos?

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    2 years ago

    The whole idea of cloud services is that your data is available to you everywhere, on all of your devices. Think of your iCloud Photo Library as a single location, one that you can “view” on all of your devices. When you delete a photo, you aren’t deleting it from your iPhone or iMac, you are deleting it from your Photo Library, which is something you view on all of your devices. It is one location.

    I have a good video on this here: Understanding Cloud Syncing.

    Why do you want to “get most of my photos off my phone?” If it is because you are worried about space, then just use the “optimize” option. That is exactly what it is for. This allows you to see all of your photos on your iPhone, but it only loads them as-needed. This is one of the best features of iCloud. It means all of your photos are with you all of the time.

    I have a video on this as well, though it is focused on the Mac side. It is the same on the iPhone side. Same feature, and works the same way. Understanding iCloud Drive and the Optimize Mac Storage Option.

    As for cleaning up your photos, iCloud makes that easier too. Any albums you create, titles you set or tags you apply are useable on all of your devices of course, since it is a single library you are working with. So organize how you like on your Mac to make it easier for you to view and find photos on all of your devices.

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