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How Do I Use System Keyboard Shortcuts With a Non-US Keyboard?

Hello, I have a tricky one for ya:
I use the Canadian Multi language keyboard as I need to type in French and English, and I need quick access to accents. In this case, my ? key is found under SHIFT + 6.
Now, that being said, I want to use the shortcut for help (Command + ?). If I hit COMMAND + SHIFT + 6, the Mac registers it as number 6 (and not the ?). If I use COMMAND + SHIFT + / (the normal placement of the question mark under a US keyboard) the Mac registers it as Ɖ (which is what that key is supposed to do in a CSA keyboard).
Other han switching keyboard languages each time (which defeats the purpose of this whole exercice: save time) anyone know how I can get around this, or at the very least remap the default COMMAND + ? key?

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    6 years ago

    It is hard to give concrete advice as I don't have that keyboard to test. But the first thing that I would do is to go to System Preferences, Keyboard, Input Sources and make sure that you have added and selected the keyboard that matches yours. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get anything figured out.

    Then, I would look in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts. You'll find the first one you mentioned under "App Shortcuts" and then under "All Applications" as "Show Help Menu" and the shortcut is actually Shift+Command+/ (the shift and / making the ? on U.S. keyboards). See what it is set to for yours. See if knowing that helps, or if not, maybe redefine it to match something that fits better.

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