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How Do I Watermark and Video When Including Split Screen Clips?

Hello, Is it possible to have a watermark PNG the entire way through a video when having split screen stills.

I want to watermark the entire video.
I’m trying to create a series of 60 second videos for social media.

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    1 year ago

    So is the problem that you are already using the second layer in iMovie as a Split View, so this leaves no room for using that layer as an overlay for a watermark?

    If so, then you have some options:

    1. Use another video editor like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve. Then you can have more layers.

    2. Export from iMovie in high resolution. Then bring it back into another iMovie project and use the second layer in that project to add a watermark and export.

    3. Since you are using Vimeo anyway, use their built-in watermark feature:

    1 year ago

    Option 2 sounds best in this instance probably, so the file can be used on various platforms. Thank you for the prompt and concise reply!

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