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How Do We Connect for Sending Lists On Reminders?

Gary, have watched your YouTube video Reminders, as well as several others. I want to send a list on my iPhone 8 to my daughter-in-law who also has an iPhone (probably newer than an 8). All the videos tell how to composed the list, manage the list, and send the list; but none who how to receive the list. Maybe the answer is too simple. But, I composed the list, I sent the list in Messages, but she does not get the list. What she gets on the message I sent is a box titled Sign In To iCloud. In the box it wants an Apple id. Our question is whose Apple id? If I give her (or anybody) my Apple id, why am I giving away security-wise for the convenience of using Reminders? Or does she use hers? Nobody ways. Thanks for your help!

John Parker

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    4 years ago

    You don't really send the list to her, you just share the list. She would get an invite to accept that via Messages. I hope thinking of it this way will help.

    Are you using her Apple ID when you share it and send the invite? If she is getting something telling her to sign into iCloud then it tells me that maybe she isn't using iCloud or isn't signed into it. She would use her Apple ID, of course. You don't give her your Apple ID.

    The idea is you create the list, then share it with someone else. They accept the invitation and now can view it in their end using their Apple ID.

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