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How Do You Set a Default Background Color When Using MacMail Application?

I would like to use a different default color background when creating my messages in MacMail where the color is confined to the display and not actually printed. Is this possible in Pages?

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    12 years ago

    Yes, you can easily set the background color in a Mail message that you are composing.
    First, make sure you are composing a message that is rich text, not plain text. Go to the Format menu and select Make Rich Text to convert it if not.
    Then, in the Format menu, choose Show Fonts. This brings up a little Fonts control window. At the top you can choose from several different buttons. The right-most one has a document icon and a color chip in it. Click on that and the Colors control window appears. Then click a color.
    Now, like with any rich text formatting, there is no way to guarantee that the recipient will get your message the way you send it. They could be reading it in a client that doesn't support rich text or some kinds of rich text. They could be reading it in a web-based email client that doesn't use the background color. They could have their client set to only show them plain text versions of their incoming messages. But if they are using a sophisticated email client like Mac Mail with default settings, then it should work fine.

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