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How do you sign up for Find My iPhone?

I called the Apple help line and they told me to download the free app, open it and sign in and follow the directions to link it to my computer.
So I downloaded the free app.
But, when I try to sign in, it tells me to go to settings, mail, then add account, then mobile me. When I do that instead of “verifying” my account, it tells me my user name / password isn’t correct (I put in my Apple ID / password).
I went to the website and it directed me to type in my apple id and password. So I did, then it tells me to “Please use your MobileMe ID to sign in, or make sure Find My iPhone is set up. Set it up from your iPhone 4, iPad or iPod touch.”
Do I need to set up a MobileMe account? Where do I go to set up a Mobile me account? I have NOT done that…
Thanks in advance for your help!

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    10 years ago

    You can use a MobileMe account OR an Apple ID. You set it up like they said, but use your Apple ID account, and then make sure you select ONLY the Find My iPhone service — do not select the Mail, Calendar or anything else. Those should all be turned off for that account. Only Find My iPhone should be on.

    10 years ago

    I’ve done that, but that’s when a notice comes up immediately telling me to go to the settings, mail, then click on account, then to click on mobile me etc. I click out of the app, go there … and the cycle continues …

      10 years ago

      OK. Maybe some confusion here. There are two sides to Find My iPhone. The first is the part that sends a signal out. That’s where you go to Settings, Mail and set up a MobileMe account and turn on only Find My iPhone. That’s all you need to do on your iPhone.
      There is the part that reports where your iPhone is. If all you have is a computer and an iPhone, then on the computer you would simply go to to map where your iPhone is.
      The “app” called Find My iPhone simply lets you find one iPhone using another iPhone (or iPad, or iPod Touch). But if you only have one iPhone, then you don’t have any use for that app.
      This page at Apple explains everything:

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