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How Does iCloud Handle Junk Mail?

When I get junk mail in my iCloud account on my iPhone, I move it to the junk folder. Does the iCloud mail learn from this so that I don’t have to do it forever to unwanted messages from a particular source? Or am I stuck going to the move routine for each one with no end in sight?
Bill Long

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    12 years ago

    Apple has a document up about iCloud and spam filtering:
    So, like a lot of other email services, it looks like they are doing some filtering on the most obvious spam at the server level.
    Now this has nothing to do with the junk folder in Mail on your Mac. That's a separate issue. You can train your Mail client to recognize and filter spam, but that is a local thing -- for you and that specific Mac.
    Now if you have some email that you get from a particular source, then you can create a rule in Mail to deal with it.
    First, make sure it is really junk, and not just some newsletter that you subscribed to or mail from a company that you did business with. You may not want these either, but the proper way to deal with those is to unsubscribe or change your email preferences for your account.
    But if it is a genuine piece of junk email from a company that you have never dealt with before, you can create a rule to mark and move that email when it comes in. See episode 224:

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