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How Many Pages Will a PDF Document Hold and Successfully Send Via Email?

How many pages of a combination of text, scans, and photos, will a PDF document hold that I can successfully send through email?

I am required to email the file/document that contains these different types of pages. I have up to 50 pages.

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    3 years ago

    The numbers of pages isn't what you need to measure. It is the total file size. A 50 page document with text may be a small file, but one with images could be huge.

    You probably have a size limit from your email provider on how big an attachment can get. That would be the real limit. The recipient may also have a limit, but yours it more important.

    Of course you also have to consider bandwidth. If you have a 20MB file and that is under the limit, but slow bandwidth, it could be hard to send. And on the other end it is just as important. If the person at the other end is on a mobile divide or pays per MB, they may not be too happy with you sending them something large.

    In general, it is best to avoid sending large files via email completely. Use a cloud service like iCloud, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft or whatever you prefer. With iCloud is just a matter of sharing a file that is on iCloud Drive. Then you can just email them a link to it and they can download it when they want.

    3 years ago

    Thank you for this valuable information. I will courier my package! Thank goodness for inconsistent instructions!

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