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How much can Airport be customised?

Hey Gary,

I have 3 queries related to my Airport settings.
Firstly, every time i click on the airport icon on the menu bar, it lists my broadband connection as well as that of my aunt upstairs. Can I remove her name from the list so that it doesn’t show up?
Secondly, can i change the name of my connection from ‘Airtel’ which is my service provider, to a name of my choice? Any new names I add, get added to list but the ISP name always shows in the pop down off the menu bar.
And lastly, how do i set the airport to connect to my connection everytime it finds it on? If i wake from sleep it searches, but while it’s running is there a way to have it ever alert for a predefined connection?

— Dhruv

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    10 years ago

    Open up System Preferences, Network. Select the Airport network on the left. Then press the Advanced button.
    Now you can see a list of preferred networks. Add your network to it, if it isn’t already there. This will enable your Mac to automatically log in to your wifi when it can. You should also remove your aunt’s network if it is there. That takes care of #3.
    So issue #1 is not an issue as you should not need to click on the airport icon anymore. If you do, just ignore your aunt’s network — you will see all networks that are available at any given time. That’s what the list is for.
    To change the name of your network, you’ll need to get out the documentation for the modem and see what it says. The modem itself will have a space to set the name that it broadcasts.

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