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How To Add Blank Pages?

I have a 75-page document, and all I want to do is to add a blank page directly under page 6 and another blank page under page 18. How do I add a blank page directly under any of the present pages on Mac?
Theo Chambers

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    1 year ago

    Are you using Pages in Word Processing mode or Page Layout mode?

    I'll assume Word Processing mode. If that is the case, then just place the cursor where you want and choose Inset, Page Break. That would break the text to the next page. If you then want a completely blank page before the text begins again, insert a second one.


    Sharon Chapman
    1 year ago

    I am using pages layout mode on mac book air and am unable to add pages where i want them ie: in middle of document. I placed cursor where I wanted page to follow and clicked the + but it did not add a page.

    1 year ago

    Sharon: Select the page in the thumbnails on the left and then try it. Then it should add it after the selected page I believe.

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