Understanding Page and Section Breaks in Pages

When creating word processing documents you can insert page breaks and section breaks. It is helpful to think of both types of breaks as actual characters in your text, and you can see them as such when you show invisible characters. Page breaks are simply ways to force the text to start on the next page. Section breaks are more complex, giving you control over properties of the pages within the sections and also allowing you to re-arrange pages in your document.

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    6 years ago

    Great! So this would be useful for a book, say on the solar system: Preface (pages i-ix), Chapter 1 Mercury (pages 1-7), Chapter 2 Venus, etc. And the Chapter headings could be changed at each section, I imagine. With the book title SOLAR SYSTEM at the top of all?

    I have been too lazy to figure it all out but knew this could be done, so thank you very much. Now if I can keep my pictures and text boxes IN PLACE and stop them jumping around, I may get ahead a little bit. Thank you, Gary!

    Mae McM
    6 years ago

    I thought I understood how sections work... but I guess I don't. I can create them, but when I use a newsletter template it won't let me delete the second page without deleting all of the information. It's in word-processing format so I thought I could do this. PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong. Thank you Gary for all of your wonderful videos.

    6 years ago

    Mae: To delete a page in word processing format, just remove the contents on the page and the page will go away. If you have inserted a Page Break to create that page, delete that too. There is no other way to delete a page.

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