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How To Automatically Begin Slideshow and Transition Automatically?

I am making a slide show in keynote. I cannot get the slideshow to start automatically even though I have selection automatic transition and to start automatically upon opening. If I click the 1st slide it will transition to the next slide but then it stops again. Also I am not sure how to decide how long the slide stays before transitioning. What is a good amount of time for viewers to enjoy the slide for the direction and duration of the transition and the amount of time for the delay of the transition? Please give me some idea of the number of seconds to choose in these two instances.

Thanks for your help.


I am trying to get the slideshow to beginning upon opening and also requesting suggestions on how long to set the timing for duration and transition delay for viewing. I have tried several combinations but have no clue what works. Please help!

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    3 years ago

    Hard for me to know where you are going wrong without seeing it. When you select the first slide, and then go to Animate on the right do you have Start Transition set to "Automatically?" The same for any other slide where you want it to continue to the next one without a click. You can set the delay right there next to that.

    As for how long to set the delay, that is up to you. It probably depends on the purpose of your presentation, the contents of the slide, and the audience and what they are expected to see.

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