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How To Backup Recently Deleted Photos?

How can I backup my “Recently Deleted” photos to an ext. drive either from “Photos” or iCloud?

I would like to archive my deleted photos

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    2 years ago

    First, I would say never take that first step and delete something unless you are fine with it being deleted right at that moment, forever and ever. The same with the Trash in the Finder. Don't use it as a safety net. If you put something in the Trash, be prepared to lose it forever, even though technically you have a chance to recover it before emptying the Trash.

    So I would archive photos before putting them in the "trash" (Recently Deleted) in the Photos app. But either way you do it the same way. Just drag and drop. Create a folder on your external drive, then drag the photos from the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app to the folder in the Finder. Next time, I would do that before putting them in Recently Deleted.

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