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How To Bypass Password When Logging In?

I purchased a 2020 iMac recently. It is running macOS Catalina. I want to disable the login password when starting the computer so that it automatically logs in. I tried going to System Preferences, User Groups, my Name, and unlocked the lock. However, the Automatic Login is grayed out. Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue…..
Ed Lynch

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    3 years ago

    If the Automatic Login option is grayed out, then it probably means you have enabled encryption on your hard drive (File Vault). Then the password needs to be entered or the contents of the drive can't be accessed.

    My advice: Leave it enabled. This is your primary security measure. It is like the lock on the front door of your house. Without it, all other security is severely lowered.

    Even if this Mac is locked away safely in your home, can you imagine if there was a break-in? All of your data could be easily accessed if you don't have a password set on your account. That would include saved passwords for sites, banks, email accounts, social media etc.

    It is inconvenient for me to use a key to enter my own house every time I come home. But I still do it because it would be foolish not to have the front door locked. Same for my computer user account.

    You get really good at typing your user account password quickly. And in System Preferences, Security & Privacy, General, you can set your "Require password" to 5 or maybe 15 minutes so you don't have to enter it that often throughout the day.

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