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How To Change an Existing Password Protecting a USB Flash Drive?

The existing Password protecting a Cruzer Blade USB Memory stick needs to be changed to a new one. How can this be achieved please. Thanks.

To provide a stronger more secure password.

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    12 months ago

    You can't change the password on a password-protected drive. Well, not literally.

    You see, password protection is more than just a "lock" on the drive. All of the digital contents of the drive are encrypted using the password as the key. So the contents are simply "locked in a box" like a physical safe. They are changed so everything stored on the drive is encrypted. Like if you were to write a message with a secret code. Each letter is changed according to the secret code. So each piece of data on the drive is changed according to the key, which is that password.

    So to achieve what you want, it is fairly simple. First, you decrypt the drive. So select it in the Finder, then Control+click it to bring up the context menu and Decrypt. This changes the data back to plain data, without encryption.

    Then Control+click again and select Encrypt and use your new password key to re-encrypt the data with the new key.

    David Friday
    12 months ago

    Thanks for your resolving answer and explanation which now will give greater confidence in the security of my data. It is appreciated.

    Daniel Dick
    11 months ago

    Because we have been in a data breach, Fraud, etc. and it is hopefully nearing the end. Banks, etc. changed, I will soon restart my subscription. I am now keeping passwords on a doc. on a flash drive. Grateful for your services,

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