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How To Check iPhone Battery Charge On Mac?

Hi garry, just wanted to know is there any way out to see my iphone’s battery charge% from mac when both the devices are connected to same wifi network and logged on to same icloud id? Many at times what happen is suppose i am working on mac and my phone is kept in any other room
In that situations it could be of extream help if i could see the battery charge % atleast of my phone on mac.

How to check iphone battery% on mac?

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    2 years ago

    Yes, you can do that easily using the Find My app. You won't get an exact percentage, just the battery indicator graphic like you see on the top of your iPhone.

    Open Find My on your Mac. Go to Devices. Select your iPhone. Click the "i" button and one of the bits of information there is the battery indicator. It will even show a lightning bolt symbol over it if it is charging.

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