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How To Conditional Formatting Smiley Face In Numbers?

I’m a productivity coach, and agents report their numbers to me weekly. I’d like to create a spreadsheet in numbers that will display a smiley face when they meet their goals, and different smiley faces when they do not.

I see it can be done in excel, but I can’t find anything on it in numbers.

Thanks in advance!

Melanie Abraham

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    2 years ago

    That’s not really conditional formatting. It is just a simple value based on the amount in a cell.

    You could so something simple with IF functions. Just nest some IF functions to test a value and if it is greater than or equal to an amount, the result is some text (emoji if you like).

    You could do something fancier with a LOOKUP table. See

    So you could have values like 50, 100, 150, etc and the text (emoji) in the second column. Then it uses a LOOKUP to get the proper value.

    So if this second table had values in column A (50, 100, 150) and then text in column B (Good, Better, Great) then if you have a value in your first table in cell D45 LOOKUP(D45,Table 2::A,Table 2::B) would return Good, Better or Great based on the value of D45. Instead of text you could just use emoji characters if you like. Format that cell to be larger text for emphasis.

    Melanie Abraham
    2 years ago

    Great-Thanks Gary!

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