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How To Connect My Mac To a Web-Based Video Camera?

how do I connect with a video camera recently installed in my elderly mom’s home? The website is: [*] and the installer at my mom’s gave me a tutorial today over the phone, but said I had to activate X controls to get the video connected with my Mac. I am currently in a different country than my mom and I have no idea how to do this in Safari. I tried going onto the site via Firefox and it said I had to download a Java Applet. I am nervous doing the download so thought I would ask here first. I would appreciate any help I can get, thanks.

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    11 years ago

    So this is just an app inside a web page that does something -- in this case displays a video feed. Nothing too unusual about that except that usually these use Flash, not Java.
    It is unfortunate that they require Java for this, since Java has recently been involved with some security vulnerability problems.
    Usually, if this was a game web site or something else no so important, I would advise you just to find some substitute web site. But you can't and this IS important.
    So I would go ahead and install the app. There's nothing really wrong with a Java applet on a web page. They have been used for many things for many years. And Apple is preventing vulnerable versions of Java from being installed on your Mac, so you should be safe. And in this case your need for this app outweighs the risk.
    But I might ask the person that gave you to tutorial to get you in touch with someone who can help you better. If he or she mentioned "ActiveX" then they were clearly not aware that you are using a Mac as ActiveX is something you use on Windows.

      11 years ago

      Sorry Gary, I did not make myself clear. The installer did not require me to use Java. I was just trying to get this plug in to work so checked Safari then Firefox and it was through firefox that the Java aplet came up. I would prefer to know how to do this on Safari. I was nervous about using it so my good friend Paddy told me to always double check on macmost first.

        11 years ago

        You'd have to ask those that provide the service for support and see what they say. Since I'm not a user of the service, I don't know what would be required. It may be that they require Firefox, or something else. I can only guess.

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