Screen Capture Entire Web Pages On Your Mac (2023)

If you need to capture an entire web page, not just the visible portion, you do not need a third-party tool But you do need to know how to use some more advanced browser commands in either Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

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    4 months ago

    Gary: might be worth mentioning that in many cases the Reader version of a web page may more desirable, especially the ones that have a lot of extra graphics not related to the content. I really like it for saving text of very long and busy pages to read later on my iPad.

    Frank Scully
    3 months ago

    I copied a page using Firefox "screenshot" then "save full page"
    i pasted into Notes and got a perfect copy. Much better quality than print to pdf. Thanks Gary

    3 months ago

    Lots of options. Think you might be able to summarize on a simple table?

    Douglas Brace
    3 months ago

    Microsoft Edge (on Windows and Mac) has a way that is similar to how Firefox does it. I use it all that time.

    3 months ago

    Gary.... I love the thumbnail/picture on this article... it is spot on and very fun.
    Thanks for all you do to make our gadget experiences better.

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