Forum Question: How to convert blu ray to iphone

any suggestions?

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    8/20/11 @ 9:22 am

    Well, first you would have to get a Blu-ray drive that connects to your Mac or PC. Macs don’t have a Blu-ray drive. Most PCs don’t either.
    Then, you would need to use a piece of software that “rips” the video to a file format supported by the iPhone. Handbrake does that for DVDs, and I think it does it for Blu-ray too if you have the right hardware and set it up right. There might be other software apps that do it too.
    Then you would end up with a file that could be synced to your iPhone via iTunes.
    Of course the iPhone screen is considerably smaller than the 1920×1080 of Blu-ray. So if you have the DVD, you might as well rip that instead. Or, save the money it would cost to get the external Blu-ray player and just rent the movie on iTunes.

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