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How To Divorce My iMac From iCloud … ???

I just upgraded to Mountain Lion and do NOT need iCloud because I am NOT into mobile devices. It’s just me, my iMac, my external hard-drive for Time Machine, and my RoadRunner cable ISP, .. all living together inside my condo.
However, a friend tells me that if I go to System Preferences and select iCloud and then UN-click all the options at iCloud, I will erase the more than 3000 email addresses in my CONTACTS BOOK. This would be a major disaster for me. Help … !!!!!
Joseph Allen

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    12 years ago

    Your friend is right -- kinda. If you have an iCloud contacts list now, and you turn off iCloud, then you will be cutting off your link to that contacts list. It won't erase them, they will still be up there on the iCloud servers waiting for the day you reconnect.
    You could go into Contacts, export your entire contacts list to a file. Then turn off iCloud, then import the contacts file.
    But, I would recommend this: don't turn off iCloud.
    What is it you want to accomplish by turning it off? You say you don't need it, but what harm is it doing? In fact, it is backing up your contacts (and calendars, etc) to iCloud, which is nice. If you ever get a second Mac, or any iOS device then it will all be ready to go. Even if you always only have one Mac, it will be nice when you replace it one day with a newer one to have all that stuff ready to go. Or, perhaps you are traveling -- you can access your contacts and other info on
    So there are some tiny advantages, even if you don't have a second device. And really no disadvantages that I can think of.

    Joseph Allen
    12 years ago

    Just trying to simplify my life. But ok, I'll take your advice and my iMac will stay married to iCloud ... ((<: }

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