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How To I Backup Only On Wi-Fi?

I have a MACBOOK PRO Sep 2020.
The Time Machine does not work on wifi according to the Applecare
What program or backup system do you recommend so I can back from several locations using wifi?
I do not always want to plug it in to do backup.
David Ellis

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    2 years ago

    Time Machine certainly does work over Wi-Fi. You just need a network drive (NAS) of some sort and then to assign that drive as your Time Machine backup. How you set that up depends on your Wi-Fi router, if it allows you to attach a storage drive, and if not what type of NAS you get to do network storage instead. Just follow the instructions for whatever product you have to connect it to your Mac over Wi-Fi. But once you can see the drive on your Mac, you can use it as a Time Machine backup.

    Another option is to use an online backup. Something like Backblaze. Then, as an added bonus, the backup is in a different location than your computer. So one disaster can't take out both.

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