Forum Question: How To Install iDVD On Lion?

Gary, here is a question to you and I hope I’ll get a favorable answer.
My brother wants to buy an iMac for his wife. She likes to make movies. I know, this will be all new to her, because she is used to an IBM Machine.
My question: This iMac comes with iMovie, iPhoto and iTunes but not with iDVD. But her husband has a Mac Book Pro, running Snow Leopard with iLife 11, which has iDVD installed. How can she get iDVD over to her iMac?
I have an install DVD with iLife 11 on it. Can I install iLife 11 over it and get iDVD that way? Or must she look els where?
The new iMac comes with Lion.

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    2/12/12 @ 10:33 pm

    The best way for you to get iDVD on her Mac is to use that iLife 11 DVD. Just install iDVD from it, not the rest. That should work
    Or, perhaps don’t install iDVD at all. Since iDVD probably won’t be supported at some point, perhaps choose another program that has a better chance of continuing to the future. There are several in the Mac App Store. I’ve already mentioned using Toast (
    Or, perhaps you don’t need DVDs at all. After all, they are only standard definition anyway. If she makes movies to appear online (YouTube, etc) then you don’t really need DVDs. I make movies all the time, but I can’t remember the last time I put one on a DVD.

    2/13/12 @ 10:02 am

    Thanks Gary for the fast reply.
    One thing I want to mention, when I say “Movies” I mean a 1 1/2 – 2 hour movie of our vacation. I burn them on a DVD and send it to friends and relatives. We do our annual vacation, sometimes in the states, sometimes abroad and take lots of video. It ends up in a movie, sometimes I have to put it on 2 or 3 DVDs.
    This kind of movie can’t be put on YouTube or on some kind of video service. DVDs work great and Standard Definition is still a great way of watching a movie on a HD TV.
    If in the future Apple does away with the DVDs altogether, then that will be a great loss for us. I remember when iLife came out, how exited I was. Now I could make movies and share them with my relatives in Germany.
    Am I the only guy, that still likes DVDs?


      2/13/12 @ 10:09 am

      I think that in the future it is going to become easy to share longer movies online (and in HD). Keep in mind that it isn’t the idea of long movies that is going away, just the method by which they are transported. DVDs have the flaw of only being SD, in a world that is more and more about HD.

    Michael Wheless
    2/13/12 @ 6:53 pm

    Joe, I am in a similar situation with videos I wish to share. In fact, I have loads and loads of videos in Betamax, VHS, and Hi8. Each of these presents specific problems as to making them useful for others. In fact, the tapes are becoming moldy and before long will be essentially useless. Many of my friends and family don’t have access to the internet and not likely to in the foreseeable future. However, DVDs do present a common means of saving and sharing these. I use iDVD but am expecting to use Toast soon. Like yourself, I was happy to be getting an Apple product as it came with iDVD and the capacity to produce, quite simply, a useable product.

      2/13/12 @ 9:12 pm

      I also make 2 hour movies, only I am finished with DVD’s because you can only burn SD (for a 2 hour movie anyway). I now use bluray disks, and an HD 1080p video camera. Everyone I share my movies with does have a bluray player. I make the movies in Final Cut Pro X and burn them to a bluray disk with chapters in Compressor 4. Hopefully some day FCPX will have an upgrade that we can set chapter markers and make a complete burn in the program itself.

      I can’t imagine uploading my HD video to youtube in 15 minute segments, (the maximum), and expecting my friends and family to gather around their computer 20″ monitor to watch it when they have a 40″ HDTV or larger and some with a great sound system. Who would watch a hollywood movie on their computer??

      As far as I’m concerned bluray is the evolved product of the DVD. Yes, it is a bit more expensive right now, but remember so was the DVD generation when it was young. Prices do keep falling.
      Whatever the content is, it is on a “disk” somewhere.

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