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Gary love yourself spend a lot of time watching your videos have you on Facebook keep up the good work but I can find something I have an iPhone Mac Pro Mac error Mac mini and now I just got a Mac server address book is good between my I phone and my Mac Pro using iTunes to sink how can I hook my address book to be the same in all my other devices so I make a change all my devices change at the same time I do have a couple of time capsules with 2 TB of hard drive space one is not wireless I’m using as my main router the other one is wireless amusing for all my wireless devices and backup do you have a plan that may not thank you very much time don churchill
don churchill

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    9/9/11 @ 9:20 am

    If you want an address book to sync between all of your devices, then get away from having the address book “on your Mac” and put it in the cloud.
    You can do this with MobileMe, Google, Yahoo, Exchange servers and a variety of others that use CardDAV or LDAP standards.
    In Address Book on your Mac go to Preferences, then Accounts. You can add one of those services as an account. Then you are storing the master list of contacts on that server, and viewing it locally on your Mac. Update your Mac and the server is updated too. Then just use those same accounts on your iPhone, or just about any device that supports that same server.

    jac mills
    9/9/11 @ 7:14 pm


    Suddenly I hav lost my mail. I cannot open it on my Macbook. I have gone to the preferences, made certain it is default. I click on th icon and it will not open. Also, if it makes any difference, I have lost Google Chrome. Can you help please?

      9/10/11 @ 9:26 am

      It sounds like some major issues. If a restart doesn’t help, I would try re-installing OS X (not a clean install, just OS X over OS X so everything else stays the same).
      If you are not performing backups, do it NOW. You may be on the verge of losing everything if this is a hard drive issue.
      Take your Mac to the Genius Bar if you can and get first-hand help.

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