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How To Make a Column Notify Me If a Date Column Is Close To Another Date?

I have a car company
I have 24 cars.
Car A, B, C, D, E, etc
I wash two cars a day.

I don’t want to wash a car that I washed 7 days ago or earlier
So for instance, I wash car A today.
That car should not been washed yesterday.

I need Numbers (spreadsheet) to help me notify if I am about to wash a car that has been washed before by someone.

I have a spreadsheet of all the 24 cars I have.
And I have a spreadsheet in which I enter the cleaning rows/records of a car.

And it’s that spreadsheet that should have a column to say, that I already cleaned that car 7 days ago or earlier.

I have seen many tutorials of Numbers and Excel but still no tutorial on what I call date space. i really need it for a car company I work in to do my job better.

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    1 year ago

    To get the numbers of days that have passed since a date, just subtract. So if C2 holds the date value, then in D2 you can put NOW()-C2. The result will be a duration value.

    The result will give you everything right down to the second, so select the cells in column D and go to the Format sidebar, Cell and change the format to Duration and only use Custom Units with just "day" selected. So now you get values like "6d" for 6 days.

    Then you can use conditional highlighting to indicate whether a date is more than or less than a value if you like. See my tutorial on that here:

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