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How to make toolbars and menus/text larger in lion

this is causing me great problems.i bought a 27inch mac so i could see text better.i could enlage menues and toolbars on my old pc,but my latest imac cant do this simple there any solution out there?
apple have said i could return my mac,but i would sooner solve the problem.
reducing resolution is no good,neither the useless zoom there a 3rd party software fix?

michael dowling

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    9 years ago

    First, check out episode 580. See if there is anything there that helps.
    Other than that, there’s not much you can do. Try going into System Preferences, Desktop & Screensaver, Desktop and turn off “translucent menu bar” — that may make things a little crisper.
    Maybe consider getting a screen with a lower resolution (so each pixel is a larger size relative to the size of the screen). For that you’d need to return your iMac and get a Mac mini and then get your own screen.

    9 years ago

    thanks,turning off translucent bar has helped slightly.i so like this big screen for photos,but will consider your last option.i must decide if the minuses outway the pluses! i dont know how long apple will wait for me to decide on returning mac!
    is mac mini just as powerful?

      9 years ago

      At the high end a Mac mini can be pretty comparable. Look at the tech specs at the Apple site and compare. A Mac Pro is the next step, but that is much more expensive.

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