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How To Perform Parental Control On iOS 15?

My phone 6s is almost to the end of its life, and so I’m ready to offer it to my daughter, she’s 11 years old.

I looked at the parental control, and it is very old, and I was wondering if you could do with iOS 15.

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    2 years ago

    First, you probably want to reset it and wipe it clean. You can do that in Settings, General, Erase All Content and Settings. Then set it up with her own Apple ID.

    You'll want to make her Apple ID a child account to yours using Family Sharing. See

    But then you have the problem of setting up phone service. You'll need to call your mobile provider to arrange that.

    So once you have the phone set up and working, adding parental controls is done in Settings, Screen Time. When you go into there the first time, it will ask you if this is a child's iPad. Select that and then follow along to set it up as you like.

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