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How To Remove an External Disk From the Desktop?

I have an external drive as a backup. It shows on the desktop and I want to remove it from the desktop. How do I do that? I can not figure out how.

The backup disk showing on the desktop is unnecessary.
John Kueck

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    1 year ago

    In the Finder, go to Preferences, General. Turn off External Disks under Show These Items On the Desktop.

    Bob Coté
    1 year ago

    I have a related question. How do I remove an external drive from my Mac? No matter what is going on, when I hit eject I get the same message saying the disk wasn’t ejected because one or more programs may be using it. Thanks for any guidance.

    1 year ago

    Bob: You'd need to figure out which app is using an item on the drive. Quit one or more apps that could be using an item there and try ejecting again. One simple way to fix that is to simply shut down your Mac, detach the drive, and then start your Mac up again.

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