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How To Rotate Text Box While Editing?

My friend has a new MacBook air 2016 but her new version Pages doesn’t treat the text box orientation editing same as my old version of Pages. We need to edit the text box while it still is 180 degrees and imagine what it would look like upright?? When I edit my template, the 180 degree rotated text box turns upright for me THEN goes back to upside down wen I deselect it and that is user friendly. . . THNX

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    4 years ago

    When you edit a text box in Pages it remains at the rotation it is currently set to. So if it is 180 degrees (upside down) it will remain 180 degrees while you type.
    Are you saying you want it to temporarily turn to 0 degrees as you type and then back to 180 degrees when done? It simply doesn’t work that way.
    You can just do that manually. Set it to 0, type, set it to 180.
    Or, you can type somewhere else, like in another text box, or TextEdit or a second Pages document, then copy and paste into the 180-degree box.

    4 years ago

    I believe the writer is referring to the way the previous version of Pages works. It helpfully displayed text blocks upside right when editing, then restored the rotation when the editing finished. The current version, as often, eliminated that useful feature.

    4 years ago

    Apple may restore eliminated useful features if enough people give them feedback on particular items at: Too often we complain to each other but do nothing about telling Apple.

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